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Lunchbox Demanded Ride From Morgan For Sonic Commercial

Lunchbox and Morgan are doing a commercial for Sonic on Bobby Bones Show's Instagram.

Sonic shut a store down for them to film in, and Lunchbox demanded Morgan drive him in her car, saying his car wouldn’t make it. Morgan had to go home before she went to the shoot, but Lunchbox insisted she stop by his house and pick him up. She had to go 10 minutes out of her way to pick him up and while they were in the car, he was criticizing her driving the whole time. 

He said it was because she had her phone in her hand while driving because she was looking at the GPS. He offered to direct her, but she didn’t want to. She kept making wrong turns and when he said he could give her directions, she said she wanted to use her phone. The show sided with Morgan because Lunchbox still demanded a free ride from her and complained the whole way.