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Megan Moroney on Constantly Getting Asked Who Her Songs Are About

Megan Moroney called into The Bobby Bones Show on the heels of her debut song “Tennessee Orange” going number one, how she picked the songs on her album and how she feels about constantly getting asked who her songs are about.

When Moroney first put her song “Tennessee Orange” on TikTok, it was streamed one million times in five days, and launched the start of her music career. When she played it on tour last year and heard that everyone knew every word, she knew it was something special. Now, it’s about to be her first number one song. Over the weekend at CMA Fest, she played the Riverfront Stage and at Nissan Stadium for the first time. When she put together her set list, she does fan favorite “I’m Not Pretty” as the second song and then closes with “Tennessee Orange” and does an encore with “Lucky.”  

Her debut album “Lucky” came out on May 5th, and Moroney co-wrote the 13 songs on it. Her biggest goal when choosing which songs made the record was to make sure it had no skips. She wanted every track to evoke a lot of emotion, and it worked because she said her fans have been very loyal to her. Moroney has a very business savvy mind and knows the power of marketing herself on social media. She usually doesn’t post things she doesn’t like and if she posts something and it does not get traction, she does not care because she likes it.  

Days off for her are rare now. She is on tour with Brooks and Dunn and in the fall, she will go on her own headlining Lucky tour. But when she does have a day off, she likes to enjoy it by the pool with friends. With her newfound fame, she has started to get recognized places around Nashville. A few weeks ago, she was on a boat at a local lake, and someone found out she was there by zooming in on their phone and taking a pic of her. She’s been told that people playing on Broadway have been covering her songs, so she really wants to get down there at some point and see it.  

Moroney’s songs have been subject to people asking who they are about. She does not feel like she’s ever allowed to tell people to stop asking her that question, but she always gives the same answer. She feels like there are better songs to ask who they are about on her record.