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Lottery Scratch-Off Expert Helps Decide What To Buy for Show Lottery Pool

Lottery expert, Jared James, called into The Bobby Bones Show to help decide what to buy for the show lottery pool!  

James was an accounting major and is a Certified Public Accountant and has always been a big numbers guy. He started his company, Lotto Edge, with scratch off tickets. People think most sales come from the Powerball, but 65% of lottery sales are from scratch offs, so that is his wheelhouse. Their motto is “Luck favors prepared.” He came up with the idea from a personal frustration that he had and took his knowledge of numbers and analytics and thought he could do something with it to try and help people, specifically around scratch offs.  

Members of The Bobby Bones Show put together their money and accumulated $2,000 dollars to buy a bunch of scratch offs and try and win some money. James shared his best advice for us to make sure we have a positive outcome. He said scratch off tickets vary state from state and Tennessee isn’t very open with the information they share, which almost puts us at a disadvantage. He suggested that Georgia is one of the states that has some of the game changing tickets still left. The one he was looking at is called “Cash Explosion” and it’s a $20 ticket that still has a $10,000 prize waiting to be won out there. 

Some other advice he shared is that it’s not completely random and you want to play the game that has the best odds of winning by honing in on which price target you have in mind and focus it on which game is best for you. One of his favorite strategies that not many people do is when you look at older games, there’s probably not a lot of tickets left because it’s been around for a few years and people aren’t playing it as much. But what is interesting is some of these older games might still have a big top prize out there, that’s the opportunity you’d want to go after. He also shared that it’s probably better to buy a bunch of tickets from the same roll instead of buying multiple from different rolls, because you know you’ll have some winner in there and get some pay back.  

All of his business right now is direct to the consumer, and he has thousands of players come to his website every day, he gives a ton of his information away for free if you’re a casual player and want to know which game has the best odds. There is also a premium subscription for people who are really looking for tips on winning the top prize and access to their ticket tracking.  

Lunchbox and Morgan plan on driving to Georgia now to buy some of these tickets soon and hopefully win the top prize! For more information, visit his website: