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Bobby Bones Show Members Recall Their 21st Birthday

A listener celebrating her 21st birthday called into the show wanting to know how members of The Bobby Bones Show celebrated their 21st birthday! Find out their answers below:  

  • Lunchbox – He had a kegger at his parents' house and then they went out to the bars and got wasted.  
  • Amy – She was in college at Texas A&M and she went out with friends. Her birthday is around St. Patrick’s Day, so she remembers there being green beer.  
  • Eddie – He remembers going to the store and it being a big deal that he could buy beer for himself, his dad and brother.  
  • Bobby Bones – Doesn't remember what he did.  
  • Morgan – She had 24 shots on her 21st birthday because at her college they have a tradition of doing a 21st shot book where friends create scrapbook pages and over the course of the night they have to fill it out.