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Anna Vaus Wrote Song For Keith Urban & He Just Recorded It

New artist, Anna Vaus, stopped by The Bobby Bones Show for the first time after Bobby Bones heard her sing a really cool cover song on TikTok. She talks about writing a song for Keith Urban that he just recorded and gets a big surprise.

Anna Vaus’ cover of the Tears for Fears song “Everybody Wants To Rule World,” has caught the attention of a lot of people, including Bones. She’s always loved the song and it puts her in a good mood, so she started singing it live at her shows. She noticed the crowd really enjoyed the song too, so she recorded it and put it on TikTok. Bones shared her video on his story and received so many messages from people seeing how much they loved her.  

Bones recently announced his Comedically Inspirational Tour happening in Nashville on July 22nd, and he took to social media to find an artist to open. He received thousands of requests, but Vaus’ video was the first one he saved to reach out. She wrote a resume song to introduce herself and say why she should be chosen to open for him. The song was so good, Bones chose her to open for his show.

Vaus is from San Diego, California and went to Belmont University in Nashville where she studied songwriting. When she got to town, she hit the ground running and wrote with anyone who would sit with her while she played guitar and sang about her feelings. In her songwriting classes, she described herself as the annoying person who was constantly asking people to listen to her songs and critic them. Her teachers took notice of her talent and passion and were able to help her get into the room with some songwriters. She currently has a publishing deal where she writes songs for other artists to make money and Keith Urban recently recorded one of her songs. She said writing songs for artists takes a lot of patience. Just because he recorded it, does not mean it’ll end up on his next album. She’s been trying to distract herself from worrying about what will happen, and not think about it until she can walk into a Target and grab his record with her song on it. She is an independent artist who knows really well what she wants from her music now and ten years from now. If there is a record label that loves her vision, then she’s all for signing a deal, but if not, she’s happy releasing music on her own.  

While in studio, Vaus played her song “Didn’t Even Date,” which was inspired from a situationship she had with a boy. When it was over, it felt like they broke up, but they didn’t even officially date, so why was she crying? She wrote about those feelings in her song.

Tickets for Bobby Bones Comedically Inspirational Tour go on sale tomorrow, June 16 at 10am CT here.