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Stranger Reached Out To Morgan Asking To Paint Her

A stranger reached out to Morgan and asked to paint her. After she posted something on Instagram, they commented on her picture saying they liked her profile and if she didn’t mind, he could make an awesome mural of her posts as an inspirational muse for an art project he’s working on for a client. He also told her he’d pay her for being the inspiration for the project.  

His profile is private, so she can’t see any of his work, and she’s not sure where the mural would go. Bobby Bones did inform her that there is a scam going around right now of people wanting to do murals of other pictures. All they need to do is accept a check for a large amount of money, keep a little for yourself and send them the extra for supplies. It is a scam, and you should never accept it and send a stranger money. They send you a stolen check and you send the money to them, and you are the one who cashes a stolen check.  

Morgan is going to message him back to see what his next move is and determine if it’s truly a scam or not.