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PICK A BIT: Morgan Found Out Information About Her Future Husband

Each member of The Bobby Bones Show shared a story of things currently going on in their life for ‘Pick A Bit’ and we voted on whose we wanted to hear.  

  • Amy’s - Starting to go on dates again.  
  • Eddie – Saw a UFO and filmed it.  
  • Lunchbox - He scammed a local charity.  
  • Morgan – Found her future husband.

Morgan’s was chosen! She did a podcast session with Amy’s psychic cousin, Amanda, and she told her all about Morgan’s future husband. She said he does not live in Nashville, and she’ll meet him in the fall of this year. She described what he’ll look like to her and said he’s really handsome, is tall and has dark hair. He is someone she hasn’t met before. She also told Morgan that her energy field is shifting up which means she will start attracting new people, places and experiences into her life over the next few months. It made her feel excited and she’s happy she hasn’t met him yet and messed up her opportunity with this person in the past.

In the past, Amy’s cousin has been extremely right with her psychic predictions, so Morgan is excited to see what happens.