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Bobby, Amy, Lunchbox, & Eddie Are Trying These Things for the First Time

Bobby Bones, Amy, Lunchbox and Eddie shared something new on The Bobby Bones Show they are trying in their life right now! Find out their answers below.  

  • Bobby – He is trying to wear robes more and be a ‘robe guy.’ His wife bought him one and he’s been wearing it for a few days and likes it. He wears it after he gets out of the shower and until he goes to bed.  
  • Eddie – He is starting to be a smoothie guy. He used to never like smoothies, but he’s found a couple of recipes online and he likes them now! He now drinks a protein, fruit and veggie smoothie.  
  • Lunchbox – He is on a new soccer team! His last team didn’t ask him to rejoin the team, so he became a free agent and just got the news that he has been assigned to a new team! His season starts in a week.  
  • Amy – She has been meditating every day before work for the last three months.