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Dr. Lori and Bobby Reveal Huge News About His $100K Coin

Last week, Dr. Lori appraised three coins Bobby Bones found in his house, and she valued one of them at $100,000. Today, (June 20) she revealed the coin worth that amount of money was a joke that Bones asked her to do! 

She stated that it was a Peace Dollar Coin and convinced people it was very rare and worth $100,000 because it was symbolic and represented the comeback of the American economy after The Great Depression. But it turned out she just said all that to mess with everyone and the coin is worth around $100. Coins that are worth a lot of money need to be uncirculated and to have never been touched before. Dr. Lori agreed to lie about the coin for Bones and in return, she wants him to arrange for her to cook with Trisha Yearwood. 

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