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Survey Says Women Should Stop Wearing These Things at Certain Ages

Photo: iStockphoto

2,000 women between the ages of 18 and 65 were surveyed on when women should stop wearing certain clothing items. The Bobby Bones Show talked about the survey, but they all had varying answers to the below clothing items. Here are the survey's results: 

  • Miniskirts: 35  
  • Revealing, low-cut shirts: 52  
  • Leather pants: 34
  • Stilettos: 51
  • Big hair extensions: 48
  • Bikini: 55

Lunchbox and Eddie agreed with some of these ages, but Amy said she will not limit herself from still wearing these things at any age. The show did agree that women should wear whatever makes them comfortable at any age and not care about what others think.

Photo: Getty Images