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The Show Debates What Segments Would Make Bobby Bones Show Cooler

Bobby Bones asked the show to share what kind of segments we could do that would make us look cooler. These are what they all suggested we should do moving forward.

  • Lunchbox - We have pool parties and the company sends us on trips.  
  • Eddie – Every week we meet with a teenager, and they fill us in on all the new hip teenage lingo.  
  • Morgan – We do more challenges because we get very competitive with them.  
  • Raymundo – Drinking. We open a beer once the 9 a.m. hour happens, and we look cool drinking in the studio.  
  • Amy – We all get matching tattoos, or everyone gets to join The Raging Idiots.  
  • Scuba Steve – Go on trips to cool places and the show and company can make money from it!