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Jake Owen Talks About His Friendship With Bobby & Caitlin

Jake Owen called into The Bobby Bones Show after Lunchbox ran into him on the street over the weekend.

He said he was walking out of his favorite restaurant in Nashville when he saw Lunchbox risking his life by running across a busy street to come over and say hi and give him a hug. He was shocked to see him, but more shocked that he ditched his car to run across the street to meet him.  

Owen’s current single is “On The Boat Again,” and he said he is very fortunate those types of songs work well for him. He remembered when his dad bought him and his brother a little boat and ever since then boats have been a big part of his life, so it feels really good to put out a song like that this time of year. His new record, Loose Cannon, comes out this Friday, June 23rd. He feels the record is appropriately titled because he can be all over the map sometimes, and there’s so many songs on this album that are all over the place. There is no consistency to it other than it’s the story of his life and where he’s been, where he is, and where he wants to go.  

Bobby Bones and Owen are good friends and hang out often. He shared how he and his wife, Caitlin, are awesome to hang out with and spending time with the both of them is really refreshing because it’s inspiring to see two people who love each other that much. Both Bones and Owen don’t drink alcohol anymore, so he enjoys hanging out with him while they drink mocktails.  

Owen will be on The Bobby Bones Show to promote his new record this Friday!