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All Amy All The Time: She Shares Life Updates

Amy lost her voice and has been trying to recover for the last few days, so she hasn’t shared much. Now that she’s feeling better, The Bobby Bones Show had a lot to catch up on in her life. Find out some of her most recent updates below.

  • She got her first residual check from the movie she was in on HBO, Holiday Harmony, and it was for $500.  
  • Her water bills have been outrageous for a year due to a little leak that was found. She had it fixed, and it worked! Her most recent bill was for only $87.
  • Amy thought someone backed into her car, because there was some paint and scratch marks on the back of her car. She then realized when she pulled into the garage there were some boxes preventing her from pulling in all the way. She thought she was in enough, so she started to close the garage door and it scrapped her car.  
  • Amy e-mailed the CFO of the company. She hosted an event where he got honored with a philanthropic award, and she was on stage hosting with him. She sent him a thank you for having her and told him it was an honor to be there with him. She kept it short and sweet and decided to do no subject line because her friend told her it "had manly business energy." He replied and thanked her too.