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Amy Thinking About Being Back in Dating Game

In today's "Pick a Bit," there were three segments that Bobby Bones Show listeners could vote on what they wanted to hear. These are the three they can choose from:  

  • Amy is back in the dating game.  
  • Eddie got UFO on footage.  
  • Lunchbox scammed a local charity.  

Amy’s won! She is thinking about getting back into the dating game and wants some help from members of the show building her dating app profile. A lot of her friends have found success on Hinge, and she’s thinking about joining soon! Everyone on the show is going to help coordinate the best pictures and captions she should use for her profile and make sure it looks good. Morgan is going to look into the Hinge app and see if there is a good selection of people in their 40s, and report back to us on Monday on what she finds!