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Jake Owen’s Daughter Pearl Shares Favorite & Least Favorite Songs of His

Jake Owen and his daughter, Pearl, stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to talk about his new album, Loose Cannon, that is out today (June 23,) why he waited four years to release a new record and his daughter reveals her favorite and least favorite songs of his.  

Jake Owen’s first new album in four years, Loose Cannon, is finally here and has 16 new songs. It’s been a while since he last put out music, but he’s been writing a lot of new stuff and that’s why he made the album a little longer than usual. For this album, he honed in on having more quality than quantity. Owen does not necessarily agree with the format of records right now having an excessive number of songs. Even with his favorite artist he does not want to listen to an album that’s more than 30 songs. But he understands that putting out as much music as possible is needed and working in the way music is consumed today. Owen does have a goal to give people more music and wants to show more sides of who he is as an artist.  

Owen’s current single is “On The Boat Again,” a song that does a fun play on of the Willie Nelson classic “On The Road Again.” He called it the type of song you’ll either love or hate. He's read some mean messages about the song, but he does not care because he really loves it and thinks it’s a fun song for summertime. The title track, “Loose Cannon” is the song he’s most proud of on the new record. It’s about finding your anchor as the hook of the chorus goes, “As long as you’re my anchor, I’ll be your loose cannon.” Owen said he’s been lucky to have women in his life who are his anchors.  

With ten number one songs, he’s had an impressive career. His song “Made For You” is the one that surprised him the most that went number one. He knew people would connect to it because of the love aspect, but since it’s over four minutes, he didn’t think it would perform well on the radio. It also went number one during 2020, when he wasn’t touring, so he never got to play it live and watch it grow in popularity with the crowd until 2021 when it was already a hit.  

Owen’s 10-year-old daughter, Pearl, was also in the studio and is spending the summer with him. She’s joined her dad on tour a few times and really enjoys the music lifestyle. Her favorite song from her dad’s new record is called “Solo Solo.” And the song of his she’s fine with never hearing again is “Anywhere With You” because she’s heard it so many times.  

While in studio, Owen shared the meaning of his Pearl tattoo that is on his wrist. He got it before his daughter was born, and it was for his dads friend named Pearl who was like a second mother to him. He got it so she is always with him now.  

Loose Cannon is out now, and The Loose Cannon Tour kicks off on Sept. 7 in Cleveland.