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Bobby Bones Show Recommends These Products

In another episode of BBS Recommends, members of The Bobby Bones Show shared products they recommend that will make listeners' lives better. See them all below and links if you want to purchase the products. And no, this is not an endorsement. These are just products they all found and really love!

  • Bobby Bones – The new season of Black Mirror on Netflix: Episode two shook him and now he thinks it’s his favorite show of all time. 
  • AmySilk or satin pillowcases: because it’s so much better for your hair and skin.  
  • EddieBattery power pump: for when bike tires and balls are flat.  
  • LunchboxReusable water balloons: They have a magnetic seal and still explode on the person you throw it at without leaving little pieces of balloon everywhere. Then you just pick it up and refill it.  
  • RaymundoThe doorstop alarm: for when you’re staying at hotels and Airbnb's. If someone were to open your door a loud alarm would go off and alert you there is an intruder.  
  • MorganCaffeine gummies: They give you the energy of drinking a cup of coffee while on the go.