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Bobby Bones Show Wants These Trends To Make A Comeback

Photo: Zack Massey

Members of The Bobby Bones Show shared the piece of culture or trend they wish to see make a comeback. Find out their answers below:  

  • Bobby Bones – MC Hammer Pants because they were so comfortable.  
  • Eddie – Dance offs. At school when you were mad at someone instead of fighting, they had a dance off.  
  • Lunchbox – Prank calls, now that there is caller ID, kids can’t do prank calls. And doorbell cameras because kids can’t ding-dong ditch anymore.  
  • Amy – Blockbuster. She tried explaining to her kids how fun it was to go out on a Friday night to Blockbuster and rent a movie and pick out candy. But now you just stay home and scroll through the TV finding something to watch.