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You Don't Complete Me, I Complete Me (5th Thing)

Today’s quote is from Anne Lemott: “Help is often the sunny side of control.” This led Amy to think of a scene from Jerry Maguire: “help me help you.” Kat reveals that she has never seen Jerry Maguire….what??? Amy gives her homework to watch it with Big P. There’s also a line in the movie that a lot of people found very romantic, but it is actually asking someone else to make you happy and that’s not romantic…it’s unhealthy.


-How to achieve work/life harmony??

-Questions you can ask yourself to shift perspective for harmony

-Amy & Kat’s favorite songs

-Email from Emily about slow blinking to bond with cats…which led to Kat’s second homework assignment: slow blinking to Big P to see if he responds to it like cats do. 


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