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Scuba Steve Used AI To Determine The Most Symmetrical On The Show

In the past, listeners have commented on the members of the Bobby Bones Show's level of attractiveness, so Scuba Steve inserted their faces into an AI generated machine to find out who is the most symmetrical on the show. According to this, symmetrical determines who is the hottest and who is the least hot.  

Find out where everyone ranked below!  

  1. Amy
  2. Bobby Bones – 70% 
  3. Raymundo and Eddie – Both tied at 69%  
  4. Scuba Steve – 68% 
  5. Mike D – 65%  
  6. Lunchbox – 63%  
  7. Morgan – 58% 
  8. Abby – 50% 

This show determined this isn’t a credible source and everyone is going to provide their own photos to try it again and see where they rank.