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Lunchbox Wanted To Create Dating App Profile For Amy Without Her Knowing

Lunchbox wanted to create a dating profile for Amy in hopes it would match with her dream guy.  

His plan was to do a segment called "What are your hobbies?" and likes and dislikes in a partner, and have it focus on Amy so he could learn more about her. He’d take that information and build her profile on Christian Mingle in hopes it would find the perfect match for her. He was going to take photos from her Instagram and pretend to be her. He was planning on never telling her unless he found her a date. Once the profile got a good match, he was going to bring it to her to see if she would be interested in going on a date with that person.  

His plan was to pretend to be Amy and try to help her start dating again, but she turned down the idea. Morgan did some research on Hinge and found some eligible candidates around Amy’s age. Once she chooses to start dating again, she’d set the age range between 38-50.