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Movie Club: Bobby Bones Show Reviews Eddie’s Movie Choice ‘Rope’

The Bobby Bones Show has started a movie club! Everyone submitted their movie suggestions, and Bobby Bones draws one randomly out of his Arkansas football helmet and whichever one is picked, they have a week to watch it and review.  

Eddie’s movie suggestion, Rope from 1948, was the first one chosen. Everyone's reviews are below.

  • Mike D – 4/5, he enjoyed the movie and thought it was good.  
  • Raymundo – 1.5/5 David’s, he hated it.  
  • Morgan – 2.5/5 books, she thought it was twisted.  
  • Scuba Steve – 3/5 Chums, he liked it.  
  • Lunchbox – 1.5/5, He couldn’t stay awake during it and thought it was so slow.  
  • Abby – 2.5/5 Ropes, she thought it was creepy.  
  • Amy – 3.5/5, She was entertained and didn’t think it was totally terrible.  
  • Bobby Bones – 2.5/5, He thought it was revolutionary for the ‘40s, but since it was so dated, he found it hard to follow the story. He thinks at the time people were blown away by it.  

The average score was: 2.68. They will draw another movie soon.

Photo: Google Images