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Carter Faith Performs in Studio Ahead of Opening for Bobby in Kansas

Carter Faith stopped by The Bobby Bones Show for the first time to perform her song “Already Crazy.” 

Bobby Bones first saw Faith perform at The Grand Ole Opry and had a bunch of people recommend her to him, so he chose her to open for his two Comedically Inspirational Shows in Wichita, Kansas August 7th and 12th.  

Faith is from Davidson, North Carolina, which is a very small town where she knows everyone. In the town, there wasn’t much to do. She would play music around her town, but liked to do things on her own and said she had a problem with authority at times. She would do cover shows at a bar in her hometown and her family was always there to support her. She was there until she moved to Nashville to go to college at 18 and studied songwriting. Her family is supportive of her dreams, even though they don’t understand it all. The coolest thing they’ve been able to watch her do is watch her play with Little Big Town when she did three shows with them.  

Her song, “Already Crazy” has been featured on the Women of iHeartCountry Show that Amy hosts. Faith describes it as a breakup and empowerment song. She wrote the song about herself and acknowledged she’s a little crazy, not in the slash your car tires way, more the mind and words way. She said when she went through a breakup, she had a moment where she didn’t realize some of the things, she was saying could come out of her. But also, when you go through a breakup and the guy calls the girl crazy, which is just the worst.

Tickets for Bobby Bones ‘Comedically Inspirational’ show she’s opening for go on sale today, right here!