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We Confessed The Things Annoying Us Right Now

The members of The Bobby Bones Show shared the things that are annoying them right now. Find out what they are below!  

  • Amy – Gum smacking. She’s not sure how her son picked up the habit, but now every time he chews gum, he smacks it.  
  • Lunchbox – Costco because they are cracking down on membership sharing. When he asks his neighbors to watch his dog, he pays them back by letting them use his Costco card, so now he won’t be able to do that anymore.  
  • Eddie – He set mice traps in his garage because he has mice. He didn’t catch a mouse, but his four-year-old son stepped in a trap by accident.  
  • Morgan – Some country artists teams. She didn't name anyone in particular, but whenever they go on another show, they repost their content, but they hardly repost when they’re on our show.  
  • Raymundo – Family group chats. Some of his family members have an Android, so he can’t leave the text, and he receives over 40 messages a day in the chat.  
  • Bobby Bones – His old Bronco is leaking oil.