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Lunchbox Shares Hack on How To Save Money on Kids Clothes

Lunchbox shared a crazy hack on how you can save money on kids' clothing.

He was doing some research and found a policy Target has. If you have clothes that are Target brand, for example the Cat & Jack brand, it doesn’t matter if it is kid or adult clothes, you can wear it for a year, take it back and get a full refund. They can be worn, stained, have holes, no matter the condition, you can return it as long as it falls within that year window. 

He went to Target, and they confirmed it’s real as long as you have proof of purchase. He just returned four bags of clothes and shoes his kids have been wearing for the last year and got over $200 back on his credit card, not store credit! From now on, he is only shopping there for clothes, and will bring them back in a year! The show agreed that this is abusing the system, but it’s not illegal.