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Do You Know Your Attachment Style? (5th Thing)

Amy thinks she has her attachment style figured out, but Kat challenges Amy’s self-assessment. Secure attachment is the goal for all of us, and while there’s hope for that, most of us are either avoidant, anxious or disorganized. Do you know your attachment style? An episode of Mel Robbins’ podcast is what got Amy started on attachment styles. You can listen to it HERE.


Quotes from this episode: 

-“Your circle is supposed to be proud, not jealous!”

-“Some people will judge you for changing. Others will celebrate you for growing. Choose your circle carefully!”

-“Parked car conversations are low key therapy!!”


Other things discussed:

-Don’t underestimate a staycation!

-Positive Energy Meditation HERE

-Trey Kennedy is the ‘4 Things’ guest for this Thursday’s episode! 

-Amy started watching ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’ (on Amazon) & it’s so good!!

-ATTN: Perfectionists!! Read this book: The Perfectionist's Guide to Losing Control: A Path to Peace and Power 

-Kat updated us on “slow blinking” (like cats do to their owners) 

-An email from a listener named Amy about the infamous “what does this make possible” question! 



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