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Army Golden Knights Talk Eddie & Abby’s Skydiving Excursion

Tomorrow (June 12,) Eddie and Abby are jumping out of an airplane for the first time with the Army Golden Knights. Sergeant First Class Blake Gaynor, and Lieutenant Colonel Andy Moffit, called into the Bobby Bones Show to talk about their skydiving excursion.  

They will be attached to one of the instructors. Sergeant Gaynor has jumped out of a plane thousands of times, but admits he still gets a little nervous every jump but thinks the thrill is what attracts people to it. He got into sky diving while he was stationed in the Army in Louisiana. There wasn’t much to do around the base so one weekend he and his friends went to a local sky diving place. After he did his first jump, he loved it and said it was a freeing experience. He is a trained professional, but he has had to use his emergency parachute a few times in the past.  

One of Colonel Moffit’s favorite things about being in the Army is being able to jump out of planes. Over the years they have jumped out of an airplane with a few celebrities. He’s never had anyone back out on him before, but they’ve needed a few words of encouragement.  

Eddie has a weak ankle so he’s nervous about the landing, but the instructors assured him he will be fine with as long as he follows instructions. He also reassured everyone there will be a backup parachute. Both instructors have jumped out of a plane thousands of times, so Eddie and Abby feel safe!  

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