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Lunchbox Asked To Apply Strangers Sunscreen On The Beach

Every summer, Lunchbox takes his family to the beach in Florida on vacation. While there, he always steps away for a moment to do something a little cringy, or what he calls “charity work.” He calls it SPF, the Sunburn Protection Foundation.

He walks up to people sitting on the beach with sunscreen in his hands and offers to rub it all over their bodies for them. The first people he offered his services to were two girls reading their books on the beach and said one looked like Chelsea Handler and the other one looked like an older Miranda Lambert. They declined his offer for him to rub sunscreen on them.  

The next was a family of four and he said the dad looked like Sam Elliot. He told them he’s part of the SPF and that he had professional hands for applying sunscreen. They touched his hands but declined his services. He then asked two ladies under an umbrella and said one of them was very red. He told her he could rub lotion on her, but she also rejected his services. No one let him rub sunscreen lotion on them, but he’ll try to help people again next year.