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Trey Kennedy: The Funny Guy That Girls Love to Follow

Amy's guest is the guy that every girl we know follows on socials, Trey Kennedy!! Trey is a comedian, singer, actor, influencer and he is funny, cool, nice...all the things!!


How Trey got his start (as a comedian / influencer)

4 Things Gratitude (Trey shared 4 things he's thankful for) 

Growing up in the church (evolving from fundamentalist roots) 

Is Trey funny because of hard times he faced as a child?

Being a new dad (he just had his first baby!)

Amy pitched a skit idea for Trey's "teenage" character!

Knowing your value (a reminder to not undervalue your work!) 

Getting older (Trey gets vulnerable with his hair loss) 

Trying something new (which might mean sacrificing comfort) 

@abby.anderson1_ from the Bobby Bones Show also joins in on the chat too! 

And more!!

If you love to laugh (which who doesn't?) and you're not already following should be...his handle is @treynkennedy. He first got attention on Vine back in the day and now has a huge presence on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube. You will love his content (p.s. it's family friendly!!) and if you have a chance to see him live (he's currently on tour) you totally should! 

HOST: Amy Brown // @RadioAmy // 

GUEST: Trey Kennedy // @treynkennedy // 

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