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Abby Shares Top Moments From Skydiving With Army Golden Knights

Yesterday (July 12,) Eddie and Abby went skydiving with the Army Golden Knights for the first time, and they loved it! Abby made a list of her Top 5 thoughts about skydiving that you can read about below! 

  1. She felt like she had a spiritual awakening while in the air. It was so peaceful and quiet up there, and she realized her purpose in life.  
  2. The Army guys are real men who know what they’re doing and are super nice.  
  3. Eddie did not remember to do the one thing they stressed to do multiple times, which was to arch back in the air.  
  4. Eddie said she was crying because she was so nervous, but she wasn’t and thought he was more nervous than her because he kept having to go to the bathroom.  
  5. She can see why people get addicted because it’s such a high feeling. Now she wants to train and do it again!