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Bobby Shares Rejected Segments Over the Past Month

Bobby Bones shared rejected segments that didn’t make The Bobby Bones Show from the past month. They were rejected because they were either dangerous, hurtful, boring, or they could get people fired.  

Below are the top five rejected segments: 

  1. Raymundo ‘What Bad Luck Has Happened To You Recently?’ He listed off all the bad things that happened to him within two days. His insurance said they won’t cover a hospital bill, the rent at his apartment went up, and he lost a work endorsement. 
  2. Eddie wants to know if “woke” culture will get him. He’s coaching his son's basketball team and he forgot the practice jerseys, so they did shirts vs. skins. One of the kids didn’t want to take their shirt off, but Eddie made him, so now he’s worried woke culture will get him.
  3. Lunchbox 'Pick A Bit’ suggestion about how he scammed a local charity never got picked. When he was checking out at the grocery store, they asked if he wanted to donate to a local children's hospital to receive a coupon book. It didn’t matter how much you donated; you got the same coupon book. So, he only donated 10 cents.
  4. Raymundo got slapped in the butt by a co-worker when they were trying to get his attention. He wants to know the appropriate way to handle something like that while at work.
  5. ‘Repeat Pete.’ Mike D wanted to play a joke on a guest that comes in for an interview and we keep asking them the same question over and over again until they get upset.