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Riley Green Talks Underwear Campaign He Recently Did

Riley Green stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to talk about his new single, the underwear campaign he recently did and perform "Different 'Round Here."  

Green is currently on Luke Combs massive stadium tour and said it’s been an amazing learning curve. He’ll play one stadium show on the weekend, then does his headlining shows during the week. Days when he’s not doing a show, he considers his days off. On those days, he’s in the studio or doing other work like a recent underwear campaign he did. He said modeling for an underwear ad was extremely uncomfortable and is not something he expected to be doing at 34, but he is embracing it.  

Combs is featured on Green’s new song “Different 'Round Here.” They have been friends for a while so he just texted him and asked because he thought it would be something he’d like, and he agreed. The song has been going viral on TikTok and has been a fan favorite for a while, so getting Combs to sing on it helps a lot, and it worked out since they’re on tour together.  

On Instagram, Green is known as @Rileyduckman. He doesn’t remember when he made his account, but he’s always loved duck hunting, so he made it his name and he’s had a few people in person address him as ‘duckman.’ He recalled the time he took Thomas Rhett on his first duck hunt, and he wasn’t too good at it. Rhett wore a bright yellow camo outfit, which wasn’t the right type of camo to wear in the part of the woods they were in. Duck hunting has always been a huge part of his life and he loves being able to take his friends with him.  

Green is currently in the studio and announced his new album will be out in October. He will also be on tour for the rest of summer and fall, and you can find more details here. While in studio, Green performed, check it out below!