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Bizarre Lies Amy Was Told When Trying To Get Pregnant (5th Thing)

Do you know what you really want in life or do you only know what society tells you that you should want? Amy & Kat chat about several different things this week, but the most important part of their conversation is the reminder to ask yourself this question anytime you’re making a decision (especially a big “life” decision): “What part of me wants to do this and why?” 

Years ago, Amy was doing everything under the sun to get pregnant because she didn’t want to fail as a woman (so we are made to believe) and it led to some interesting things. Amy found herself getting colonics (yes, THAT type of treatment) because she heard doing them regularly would up her chances of conceiving. The woman administering colonics started putting some bizarre lies (conspiracies) in Amy’s head and she was tempted to believe them since she was willing to try almost anything to get pregnant. All that to say, fertility issues led to the adoption of two sweet kids from Haiti, so you never know what blessings will come from surrendering to what you really want/need to do vs. what society tells you that you should want/need to do! 


“Forgive yourself for not knowing what you didn’t know before you learned it.” - Maya Angelou


-Trendy nail color idea (something fun to try out for summer) 

-Email from a listener about PCOS

-Why Amy was doing colonics & avoiding dryer sheets

-So much of our identity (as women) is wrapped up in getting pregnant / having kids

-Your story is different than others and that’s not bad (so know what YOU want out of life for YOURSELF, nobody else) 

-Gender specific colors (pink for girls & blue for boys) 

-Journaling (Amy’s childhood diary) 

-The online address book that Kat used to gather info from her friends

-& More


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