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Bobby Asks Abby To Open For His Wichita Shows

Abby said after she went skydiving, she found her purpose in life, and it was to give back more.

She realized that there is more out there to help others than just herself. After they pulled the parachute and she was just floating in the air, she said it was so peaceful it made her realize she can do good instead of just focusing on herself. She has something in the works to start giving back!  

Abby is from Wichita, Kansas and doesn’t get the chance to go back home that often. So, Bobby Bones invited her to play a few songs and open for his shows there on August 11th and 12th! She is going to sing three songs each show, and Bones will pay her $200 for each show.

Tickets for his Comedically Inspirational On Tour are on sale here!