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Lunchbox Poured Water on Rental Car Seat After Disagreement

Lunchbox confessed that he purposely poured water on the seats of his rental car after he got into a disagreement with the dealership.

When he flew into the Tampa airport, he got a text telling him he could get any vehicle from section four. They reserved a minivan, but there were none in section four. So, he got an SUV and spent thirty minutes loading the car, strapping in the three car seats and getting ready. On his way out, they told him he needed to unload everything and get a minivan.  

He was mad they wouldn’t let him keep the SUV and thought it was ridiculous they told him he could take any car but wouldn’t let him leave unless it was for the car he paid for. He was extremely frustrated because he now had to spend another 30 minutes getting the new car ready, so he took his frustration out by pouring a bottle of water all over the seats.