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Lunchbox Disappointed in the Whole Show Not Offering Him Rides

Lunchbox does not have a car and has been riding his bike to work, and it’s been raining all week.

He’s disappointed because no one on the show has offered to pick him up and drive him to work, even though they all know what he is going through. He thought they would have his back, but instead they’ve let him ride his bike in the rain to and from work.  

But no one has offered to give him a ride because he criticizes everyone’s driving and he makes it uncomfortable for them. When they suggested he call Uber, he said it costs too much money. Also, Lunchbox lives out of the way for anyone to pick him up, but he still thinks it is rude no one has offered to help him and wants them to create a ride pick-up calendar to determine whose turn it is to get him.