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Lunchbox Finally Delivers JFK Conspiracy Theory Report With Wigs

After multiple delays, Lunchbox has finally learned enough to deliver his JFK conspiracy theory report and he used wigs!  

Lunchbox said he needed months to practice his performance to make sure it was flawless. He reported on the day JFK was assassinated. He put on a blonde wig to be Lee Harvey Oswald, and a different one to represent Jack Ruby, the man who shot Oswald, and spoke about the conspiracy theory that Ruby worked for the CIA, so he shot Oswald to shut him up. He used another long blonde wig to pretend to be the prosecutor who had the theory there might’ve been two shooters. He went through all the details and conspiracies that surrounded the case with the testimony being changed and multiple witnesses being found dead. Another theory was that the CIA and the mob was behind it, or that Cuba and Russia killed him because JFK was trying to put some sanctions on them.  

In conclusion, he’s believed Ruby shot Oswald to shut him up and Oswald was the only shooter involved and killed JFK because he did not like him. He also thinks if any of the conspiracies were true, at some point someone would’ve confessed to it.