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The Bobby Bones Show Shares Their Weirdest Confessions

The Bobby Bones Show shared a story about a woman who spends $3-thousand dollars a year on toilet paper to eat. It led to everyone sharing their weirdest confessions. Find out their answers below:  

  • Bobby Bones – Rips his nose hairs out with his fingers, chews his fingernails. 
  • Amy – When she pulls her hair, and a strand comes out. And cleaning her dogs eye boogers.  
  • Lunchbox – He smells his socks at the end of every day. And before his soccer games he smells his shin guards.  
  • Eddie – He likes how his boogers taste.  
  • Morgan – She likes to smell her dogs' paws. And uses tweezers to get her black heads out.  
  • Raymundo – He wipes with paper towels sometimes because he likes the way it feels. 
  • Scuba Steve – His belly button collects lint, and he likes to pull it out and look at it.