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Bobby Bones Show Shares Their Biggest Financial Regrets

Photo: katleho Seisa / E+ / Getty Images

Members of The Bobby Bones Show shared what their greatest financial regrets are. Find out their answers below! 

  • Bobby Bones – When he was a kid, he called an 800 number over and over again wanting to talk to some athletes. He thought if he hung up within the first minute, he wouldn’t be charged the $3.99, but he was charged $400. He also once signed up for a credit card to get a free Cubs T-shirt and someone stole the credit card and rang up charges on it.  
  • Lunchbox – His first endorsement was for a bar and instead of getting paid, he just asked for free drinks.  
  • Eddie – In 2006 he and his wife opened a credit card to charge for a trip to Hawaii to see a Pearl Jam and U2 concert there, it was the start of their $40-thousand debt.  
  • Amy – She once wrote herself a check from her mom’s check book and deposited it into her account without telling her. Her mom eventually found out and she had to pay her back.