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Lunchbox Cries in Public Waiting for Stranger to Comfort Him

Lunchbox tried a new social experiment. He cried in public at a coffee shop and waited to see how long it would take for someone to come up to comfort him.

There were a lot of people at the shop when he sat down at a table and started hysterically crying extremely loud. It took one minute and fifteen seconds for two workers to sit next to him and they were about to give him a hug. He blamed the crying on his “dog” Sparky, and once they asked him, he immediately stopped. The workers went back behind the counter, and Lunchbox was extremely disappointed that the multiple people around him just ignored him.  

He went to another coffee shop to try it again and see how long it would take there. At the second location, he started hysterically crying again and this time it took 39-seconds for a worker to come up to him. He told the worker who he was, that it was a bit, and asked for their Venmo to send them money for being a good person, but they refused.