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Our Younger Selves Would Be Impressed About These Things in Our Life Now

Members of The Bobby Bones Show answered a new get to know you question. This one was: What would your younger selves be impressed about in your life now. Find out everyone's answer below!  

  • Bobby Bones – That his wife is pretty, because no girls wanted anything to do with him when he was younger.  
  • Amy – That she gets paid to talk and be on the radio. She did not have aspirations of being on the radio, and when she was younger, she liked being around animals and wanted to be a Vet. In high school and college, she did not know what she wanted to do. Also, that she only has two kids, she thought she’d have like five.  
  • Eddie – That he has four kids. He didn’t think he would have one kid, let alone four.  
  • Lunchbox – That he is married and settled down with one girl. He liked dating around and never thought he’d settle down with one woman.