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Bobby “A Little” More Open To Bobby Bones Show Cruise

Bobby Bones once mentioned possibly doing a Bobby Bones Show cruise with listeners.

He didn’t love the idea though because he does not want listeners to feel like they have to pay to hang out with them. He thought no one would buy tickets because it was too expensive of a thing to ask of listeners, so he always turned down the idea. But the rest of the show was upset when they found out he did.  

They think it would be fun and they could play Bobby Bones Show games like ‘Easy Trivia,’ ‘Bobby Feud’ and more! Eddie would sell his Smokin’ Hot Chicken. But what people really want to know with cruises is how clean it is going to be, so the show would make sure it is sanitized. Bones has never been on a cruise and is worried he’d get seasick, but the members of the show who have been on a cruise assured him that it’s so big he won’t feel anything.

He's not fully convinced to do the cruise yet, but he's leaning more towards it.