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Lunchbox Believes He Hasn’t Won Lottery Because He’s Not Lucky

A woman who played the lottery all the time, said she fell asleep and the winning numbers were given to her in a dream. She ended up winning $50-thousand dollars. Numbers have never come to Lunchbox in a dream, but he wants to win so bad that he’ll try almost anything at this point.  

He believes he hasn’t won the lottery because he’s not lucky. He referred to when he used to go to Bingo and never won, but the people he would bring would win all the time. He does not think his unluckiness has anything to do with him being mean to people, because he considers it being honest with them. He can’t figure out why he is so unlucky and hopes one day it will turn around. He also does not think he’s had luck in any other parts of his life. He does not consider his job as luck, but Bobby Bones feels lucky he met Lunchbox. He also does not consider himself to be lucky with his health because he can’t touch his shoulders.