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Morgan Saw Ed Sheeran Singing Karaoke at Nashville Dive Bar

Morgan saw the Ed Sheeran concert in Nashville over the weekend, and said it was amazing! It was a huge show and Sheeran even broke the attendance record at Nissan Stadium, with 73,874 fans in attendance.  

After the show, Morgan went to a local karaoke bar in Nashville called Santa’s Pub and Sheeran walked in. No one had any idea he was going to be there. He did karaoke with the crowd and sang Backstreet Boys "I Want It That Way", “Mr. Brightside” from The Killers and other cover songs. The only song of his that he performed there was “Thinking Out Loud.” There was a wedding party there, so he sang with the bride and groom, and he also went behind the bar and served some beers. Morgan even got a T-shirt he threw to the crowd that said, “Ed Sheeran Santa’s Pub” that you could only get if you were there.  

Morgan got a video of the moment that’s gone viral that you can watch above!