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Morgan Asks The Show To Set Her Up With Someone

Morgan has been having some trouble with dating, so she wants to know if it’s okay to ask her friends if they know anyone, they can set her up with.

The Bobby Bones Show agreed that it was okay to ask to let her know if anyone came to mind, but that it also might create a lot of pressure. Setting a friend up with another friend could cause an awkward situation if it does not work out well.  

Bobby Bones was kind of set up with his wife through a mutual friend, and he shot his shot with her on Instagram and it worked out, so he thinks it’s a good idea. Morgan has no one in mind, but she is trying to be open to more things she had not been to in the past. The show agreed that if they set her up with anyone, she must go on a date with them and give them at least one try. Lunchbox said he had a friend named Rodney that he thinks would like Morgan. He’s 6’4 and lives in Nashville so she’s willing to give him a chance. He also showed everyone a picture of him and they approved. Lunchbox is going to try to set him up with Morgan soon!