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Amy Admits Things She’s Had To Give Up in Divorce

Amy revealed earlier this year that she was going through a divorce.

After months of waiting, Lunchbox prompted her one day to share the things she had to give up in the divorce. Since then, she's shared things during various segments. Some things she's had to give up include living room furniture, barstools, and her washer and dryer. There's also been a running joke that listeners thought she had to give up some silverware, but that's not true.

Another thing she had to give up was their old house in North Carolina. When they were living there for his job in the Air Force, they bought a house and decided to keep it and rent it out when they moved to Nashville. Since they were the landlords, when issues would come up with the house, they had to hire a local friend to go by and fix it. They had to sell it during the divorce process and split the profits equally.