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Amy and Morgan Share College Greek Life Experiences

An article came out that parents are hiring $4-thousand dollar sorority consultants to help their daughters dress and impress during rush.

Amy and Morgan were both in sororities in college, and they shared their personal experiences from it. Amy said her parents weren’t involved so it wasn’t intense for her, but she saw other girls freaking out about who was or wasn’t going to pick them. She was in the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority and was hardly involved then and isn’t anymore.  

Morgan was in Tri Delta in college, and she can understand why someone would pay for a rush consultant because you have to have specific outfits for every event and to know how to talk to people or you might get cut. Being in a sorority benefited her because she could connect with people. Both Amy and Morgan recalled the chants and songs that their sororities had, and Amy is supportive of her kids if they want to join Greek life.