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Lunchbox Questioned By Authorities About His Kids

Lunchbox went to pick up his kids from daycare when the Administrators asked to talk to him and his wife in separate rooms.

They told him they’d noticed their oldest son had been coming to school on the regular with black eyes for the past month. Lunchbox said it’s because they’ve been going to the pool and he tightens his goggles as tight as he can on his face, and it gives him black eyes. They asked his wife the same question and she gave the same answer, and when they asked their son about it, he also gave the same answer. They knew it was most likely nothing bad, but they had to ask to make sure.

Lunchbox and his wife knew he had black eyes from goggles, but they never thought anyone would ask them about it. Lunchbox couldn’t believe they thought he was punching his kids in the eyes, so he immediately went and ordered new goggles to make sure it did not continue happening.