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Lunchbox Shares His Top 5 Concerts of All Time

Earlier this week, Tony Bennett passed away, and Lunchbox recalled the time he saw him in concert with Lady Gaga and said it was one of the best concerts he ever saw. Find out his Top 5 concerts below:  

  1. Tina Turner (Houston, October 27,2008) 
  2. Eminem and Jay-Z (NYC) 
  3. Blue October (Stubbs) 
  4. Bruno Mars (Las Vegas) 
  5. Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga (Las Vegas) 

Lunchbox has never been a huge music fan and feels weird that so many people get so excited to go to concerts, but he gets that way going to sports events. He's never understood why some people go to concerts four hours early to make sure they are front row, but he