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Eddie & Lunchbox Jealous Of This Kid’s Early Retirement

There is a story about an 11-year-old millionaire who is already planning their retirement. Eddie and Lunchbox are obsessed with the thought of retiring, so they are extremely jealous of this kid.  

The 11-year-old was on Shark Tank and is the CEO of her toy company, Pixie Fidgets. She founded the company in 2021 and started putting them out little by little. Now she earns about $133-thousand dollars a month. She is going to continue to go to school, but she is going to step back from her business for a little.  

Lunchbox said the story makes him very sad and makes him wonder why he didn’t think of that idea. Also, if he was a millionaire, he’d stop going to school and show the students and teachers how they can make money. He said if he was a millionaire he’d only travel by helicopter, limo and buy himself a yacht.  

The yacht reminded the show about the possibility of a Bobby Bones Show Cruise, but after Eddie saw some troubling videos, he is out on the idea. Bobby Bones is still open to the idea though!