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Some of the Bobby Bones Show Share ‘Barbie’ Reviews

Photo: Warner Bros

Several of The Bobby Bones Show members have now seen the massively popular Barbie movie.

Over the weekend, Bobby Bones saw it and thought it was so good and funny. He said it was a wonderful written parody on how men and women are treated in America. He went with his wife, and they loved every moment of it, and they said it’s appropriate for all ages! Bones loved the part when they left Barbie World and entered the real world and Ryan Gosling applied for jobs. He got it a 4.5/5 Pink Boxes. To dress for the occasion, he and his wife wore pink. While stopped at a red light, they got a picture of their pink shoes on the dashboard in the car and Bones posted it on his Instagram. People started to comment that his wife needed to take her legs off the dashboard because if they got into a crash, it would crush her legs. He wanted to remind people that they were stopped at a red light when they took the picture quickly and were in no danger at all.  

Amy, Mike D and Morgan also saw the Barbie movie last week. Amy thought there were a few scenes that they could’ve cut out to make it shorter, but she loved that it had a message about more than just dolls. Morgan and Mike D also loved it and gave it 5/5.